Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, March 31, 2014

New Area?

Dear Family and Friends,

Okay so I don´t have a new area right now. Transfers aren´t until 8 de Abril. But my companion and I did just find that our area was bigger then we thought. Our area includes the Institute building and more further. So we are preparing to do some contacting for that area becasue we don´t have any members in that area.

Our baptism was great this Saturday. Leyla is so happy, and so is her family. She is 18 years old. She has had a hard time living with her mom. And well now she is living with her dad, and step mom, with her step sister, and half sister. They are all really active in the Church and I know they will help Leyla grow in the Chruch. At Leyla´s baptism she told us that she wanted a white dove to descend like at the Baptism of Jesus. I thought that was pretty funny, and so did she. We are all really happy for her and cant wait to see her progress. 

So what more is new? We had 84 street and door contacts this week. We are hoping this will lead to many new progressing investigadors. This week we need to go back and visit many of them. My plan is to teach them the restoration and then invite them to hear from our living prophet this weekend in General Conference. We are hoping since there are so many sessions that they won´t have the excus that they are busy. Because how could they be busy at 11 and 3 Saturday and Sunday. Hardly anyone works Sunday anyways. But anyways pray that they will be able to attend and they can accept the message of the restored Gospel. 

Con mucho amor,

Elder Peabody

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