Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, March 10, 2014

6 Months!

Dear Family and Friends,

Tommorrow I complete 6 months exactly. I can´t believe it has been 6 months. I have had so many amazing experience. I have had 6 months of preaching, baptising, reactivating families, and helping people. Honestly I don´t ever want it to end. I am a little sad I am completing 6 months. I feel like I have only been here for a little while. And it is funny because I am in my first area still. But everything is great. I will catch you all up on this week.

We set three baptism dates. All for the 22 of march. I will start with the cousins. I met there aunt with my first companion when she was breaking up dirt with her neibhor a member. Elder Muhun and I helped them and after started to teach her. Deysi eventually told us the truth that she liked what we taught but our message wasn´t for her. She told us I think you need to teach my niece. So we started to teach her niece Estephany but then Estephany moved to Cajamarca. And then 3 months later a different niece of Deysi moved in Sandy. And we started to teach her. And then Estephany came back. So we started teaching both of them. And well this week they both excepted to be baptised the 22 of March. One problem though is Estephany moved again and all we have is her number. Sandy says she is ready and we don´t see much of a problem with her. She is having problems with her mom, but her Aunt Deysi is her Guardian right now, and she has no problem with sandy being bautised. 

The other bautism we have for the 22 of march is Leyle. She is 18 years old and her dad is a member, but she was living with her mom who is not a member. Well she moved in with her dad and his family who is all members. And one day we got a call that they had a daughter who wanted to learn more about the church. And ever since then things have been perfect. She always tells us how good she feels when she reads the Book of Mormon, and when she listens to our messages. We taught her that she is feeling the Holy Ghost. And when we asked her if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptised the 22 of March she cryed out yes. She is really excited to have her dad baptise her. And she has more enthusiasm then any invesdigador I have ever had. And she is great, she is really honest when she doesn´t know something or if she didn´t read. It helps us a ton. So yeah as of right now I think we are going to have two baptisms for the 22 of march because Estephany is no longer here, but we have plans to get her address and send missionaries to her. 

My companion completed one year in the mission last week. We had a small celebration with Lasagna and Cake. He has been here 1 year and has 4 areas. We always joke because I have 6 months and only have one area, and soon I by the time I leave this area, I will have 7 and a half months. 

So I have been all over Chiclayo this week. One Elder was sick, and we had to go and bring him clothes and food, and then one day we had to go meet his sister in a hotel, and then finally we had to take him to the airport for him to return home. I think I officially know all of Chiclayo. Haha. Chiclayo is actually really big. It is the third largest city in Peru. Anyways while I was in the Airport I was talking with my Mission President. He saw the Movie poster for the Movie Mr. Peabody and Sherman. So basically I am famous in Peru. People still can´t prounoucne my name right. 

So I have heard a lot of things about Ukrain and Russia. What is happening? And what I really want to know is what is happening with the Missionaries in Ukrain and Russia. If someone knows let me know! 

Well it has been a good week. It was great to hear from eveyone. I hope eveyone has and had a good week. Thanks!

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Peabody

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