Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, April 7, 2014

Museum, Sick, and Transfers

Dear Family and Friends,

So I will start with yes I was sick. I had Gripe... Which I didn´t find out until today is the flu. It started with back pain, then with neck pain, then my head hurt, then my stomach hurt and then I had a fever. It was a horrible two days, but yeah I am fine and better. I still haven´t eaten rice since I was sick, but little by little I am getting better.
I also had the oppurtunity to go to the Museum Real Tombs of the Lord of Sipan. It was a great day. First of all it is one of the biggest museums in South America. It has the tombs of real people and tells the story of ancient civilizations even before the Inkas. Our tour guide was Mormon and made a lot of cool connections with the culture and there beliefs and the Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool.
So this week was sad visiting all of our converts and investigadors because I knew it could be my last time visiting them, and yes yesterday my Mission President confirmed I have a transfer tommorrow. I am sad, but happy, and a little nervous to be leaving my first area.
Well I hope everyone enjoyed conference as much as I did. I just wan´t to share one thing that I loved in President Uchtdorfts talk Domingo morning. He said that Humans have a natural instict feel sad when things end. He said it was because we are made of eternity. We are children of an Eternal Father. But in reality there are no true endings only everlasting beginings. This conferted me a lot as I thought about leaving my first area. And it wasn´t only that, but ending my mission, when I ended seminaries, when I left BYUI, when EFY ended. All of the endings in my life have been a moment of sadness, but the reality is they never ended. They were really just the begining of something amazing. Because we all have an eternity to live. So then that 17 year old boy that I brought the gospel, who doesn´t have internet, and I may never have the oppurtunity to talk to him again in this life, well I know I will see him again after this life. And well that goes for all situations. Well I hoped eveyone enjoyed conference as much as I did, and everyone has a great week. Thanks for everything and I am excited for my birthday next week, who knows where I will be transfered to!!!
Con mucho amor,

Elder Peabody

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