Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, January 27, 2014

Week #20

Dear Family and Friends,

I hope things are great back in the States. Things are fantastic here in Peru. Me and my new companion are getting along really well. It has been really nice to have a new companion who has new ideas. I still miss Elder Muhun, but Elder Garcia is awesome also. We planned an activity for our ward this week. We are going to have a Missionary night. We invited all the members to invite a non member. There will be food, and games, and videos. I hope it turns out great and we can meaet a lot of new people. Sometimes contacting can be hard here in Peru because no one wants to talk with us. They all have the same excuse of ¨sorry I am Catholic¨

We had some good lessons this week. One was with an old investigador. I was teaching about prophets, and asked her if God called prophets in the olden days, shouldn´t there be a prophet today. She sat quietly for awhile and then finally responded... ¨yeah, the world needs a prophet, because so many people don´t believe in God or Jesus¨ I was amazed at her statement when she said the world needs a prophet. I quickly took the oppurtinity to bear my testimony about prophets. I told her about Jose Smith and Thomas S. Monson. I know she felt the spirit when I testified to her about prophets.

I attached a photo with my name tag with a bag that says Chota. Chota is in the mountains here in my area, and has a lot of people who happen to be whiter then I am. Sometimes we Joke I am from Chota. Maybe if my spanish was a little better people would believe I was from Chota...

Wel thanks everone for your letters this week, and for your emails. I enjoy hearing from everyone! I hope everyone has a good week!


Elder Peabody

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