Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Week of Contacting

Dear Family and Friends,

I had an awesome week. So my companion and I kind of got a little stuck. All of our investigadors seemed to be busy, and so we had no one to teach. My companion and I made it a goal to go contacting and knock on doors even though it is my least favorite thing to do. Well in one day we contacted more then 40 people. It was an amazing day, and now we have plenty of new investigadors. 

Also this week was Stake Conference. My mission President, Presidente Risso spoke in the adult session and the Sunday session. It was really amazing, because in my ward we have been having a little trouble with getting help from the Leaders in the ward, and my Mission Presidents messages was all about how the ward needs to be helping the missionaries. 

So I have offically become a fish lover. If it is the right kind of fish, and is cooked right, I almost love it more then Chicken. I am kind of getting tired of rice, but I still eat it everday for lunch and dinner and sometimes even breakfast. 

So I heard Chase got his mission call to Italy. My Pensionista wants to know what mission because she has three children who live in Italy and two of them are members. 

My Pesionista also has children in Germany. In fact they are visiting right now. It is so funny to hear them speak spanish with a German Accent. But it is pretty cool. There daughter is a flight attendent, and knows a lot of countries. She even knows California, San Fransisco, and Santa Barbra. 

The first person I baptised, Antonio, returned to Chiclayo this week. He is going to try to find work here in Chiclayo, but if he can´t find any work, he is going to leave for Lima again. I really hope he can find work here in Chiclayo. We are trying to help him accomplish his goals, to recieve the aronic and melchezidic priesthood, get sealed in the Temple, and baptise his own son in two years!

I think it is getting hotter here in Peru... I am ready to get out of Chiclayo and head to Cajarmarca in the mountains where it is cold. I have been in my first area for 4 months. I think I will have a transfer in three weeks, but I could go anywhere. 


Elder Peabody

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