Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, January 6, 2014

Week #17 Summer Time

Querido familia y amigos,

It just keeps getting hotter and hotter here in Chiclayo. It is wierd to think so of many of my friends are starting school in Rexburg Idaho where I am sure they are all Freezing. Well not me. But it is fantastic never the less. Chiclayo has a cool thing they do in summer. Everyone in the town throws buckets of water and water balloons at people in the street. Luckily they have enough respect not to throw them at us, the Missionaries. But that doesn´t stop us from participating on our P day. We had a huge water fight at the Stake center, and then again at the Penchinista of the area Chiclayo Central roof. For once I was actually cold from all the water and wind. It was awesome.

I also had a great New Years. Remember how they have fireworks at midnight for Christmas. Well Multiply those fireworks by 100, and that is how many fireworks they had for New Years. I was on the roof of my Penchinista, and I felt like I was in a war zone. Fireworks everywhere shot all around me. It was fantastic. And in the street every person had a scarecrow they build with straw and fireworks. And at Midnight everyone lit them on fire. The streets filled with Fire, and explosions. With the streets blowing, and the Fireworks everywhere, it literely felt like Chiclayo was in the middle of a war. It was awesome. Also at midnight 

So the Lord has blessed us this week so much. First of all word got out that missionaries give blessins. We given so many blessings to members and Non members, young and old. But it is fantastic because it gives us an opurtunity to share the Gospel, and teach about faith. We gave a blessing this week to a man who had cancer. He was so sick... His skin and even his eyes were yellow, and he was supper skinny. We are going to visit him again and teach him and his family. They could really use the Gospel in there lives right now. I almost wanted to cry when the the wife asked me if I believe he could be healed. I didn´t know what to say... But I told her that I believed God can do anything. I really want to share with them the Plan of Salvation, because I know death is never a happy thing, but it is comforting to know that we can be with our families for eternity, and not even death can seperate families for eternity. Also this week we got a knock on our door at 6 20 in the morning. I was like I am sleeping. But I didn´t say that. It was a less active member of the church saying we needed to give her daughter a blessing because she was possesed by an evil spirit and was having convultions. We immediately called our Bishop and Stake President because our mission president says the leaders in the area should be the ones to administer blessings if someone says they are possesed by an evil spirit. From what I hear the daughter is doing fine, and the family expresed there gratefulness for the Priesthood. 

We also have two more suprise baptims planned for this week. Neither are for sure. One is a guy who had the lessons a long time ago, and says he is ready for baptism, but he wasn´t willing to change or Repent the first time we taught him. The second is a 55 year old grandmother Donitilla. She lives with her daughter who has two sons who are recent converts. The sons mom wants to be a member but her partner doesn´t believe in marriage. We are sure if Donitilla will be baptised this week because she has many challenges and doubts. But we are hoping. 

Well I hope everyone had a great New Years Day. I can´t belive it is 2014. Time is going so fast. Sorry no photos this week. It is a combination of not enough time and i don´t have my SD card. haha

Con Mucho Amor,

Elder Peabody

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