Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week #2 in Chiclayo

Dear Family and Friends, 

Thanks for all the emails this week. I enjoy hearing from everyone! Mom I finally got your letter you sent the day after I left, as well as the Dear Elders from Rachael, Gina, and you Mom. I enjoyed them so much. I also got Ashleys Post card from Las Vegas. I really enjoyed them.

This week has been great. I think I am getting used to the dust. I don´t cough as much. All 3 of our old investigators I mentioned last week, are doing great. They all have the same problem, they aren´t married but live with there boyfriend and girlfriend. They all have kids so they just need to get married. They all want to get married, they just keep saying oh maybe in Febuary. We got some new investigators. It is actually a pretty cools story.

We have this recent convert who husband has been a member for longer. He is the one that is in the wheelchair because he got shot like 4 times. Anyways we love teaching them more about the gospel, and doing any service we can. One day we were able to help her fix her roof. It was just a small service project, especially since I was so tall and could reach the roof and adjust it so there were no holes in it. But as we were leaving my companion and I decided to ask if she had any friends who might want to hear our message. She immediately went to one of her friends house and invited her to hear our message. She actually liked our message and we are going to go back and teach her more. She did the same thing a few days latter. She knocked on her neighbors door, told them these are missionaries from my church, and then left us!!!!!! Luckily the people were really nice and wanted to hear our message. It was a family of three, a mom, a dad, and a 19 year old son. We left the 19 year old son with the Plan of salvation pamplete to read. Usually investigators don´t read them, but we ran into him on the street and asked him about it, and Freddy totally read!!!!!!!! I am excited to go back. We also contacted some old investigators. One named Juan seemed to really like our message, and when my companion told me to invite him to be baptized I was terrofied. I invited him, and he mumbled something like yes. I was pretty excited after that, but then I found out he didn´t really understand me, so I said it again which was pretty emberrasing, but his answer was the same. He said yes he wants to be baptized. 

Anyways I have learned that Members can be our greates tool. Especially recent converts, and Investigadors because they tend to have many friends of different faiths. Members seem to know people who are ready to recieve the gosple. 

Hey mom tell Brother Lewis thanks for the Letter. I really enjoyed it, and I am going to use his story of Elder Woodruff in our Zone meeting tommorrow because I have to teach... in spanish.

Krista thanks for the Email. I am happy you enjoyed Europe. I would love to visit Europe one day, but for now I am happy with Peru. 

Zeithel also thanks for the email. I will definately add you to my email list. 

Bishop Draughon thanks for the forwarded emails from the missionaries in our ward. It was awesome. 

Mom you should email me some stuff you know about catholicism. I remember a few things you have said. Also if you got my letters, there is one for the Priest Quorum, if you could please give them it that would be awesome!

Alicia I hope you start to feel completely better, and good luck with picking classes. I won´t be doing that this year. 

And Tara thanks for the email. No sloths, in fact i don´t think they are in Chiclayo at all, but my Penchonista said maybe in Jaen. So if I ever go to Jaen I will keep a lookout. Or i will just have to come back to Peru after my mission and visit deeper in the Amazon Jungle. I want to come back anyways and go to Maccu Piccu. 

Stephanie sounds like you enjoyed Cross country. Sounds awesome. And it is your birthday soon so have a great Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ashley, thanks for the Post card. I loved it. And congrats on your new job. I hope you enjoy it, and good luck with Esmae. And yes I would love to hear from anyone.

Sorry no pictures this week. 

Have I told you about the showers. There is no Warm watter so they run an eletrical wire from the outlet to the head of the shower and it heats up the water as it comes out. It sounds scary, but it works, and I have a warm shower. 

Oh and Happy Halloween. For Halloween this year I was a Missionary... I had fun thought. They don´t really celebrate it here in Chiclayo, but they know about it. Our stake had a dance festival, and I got to see a lot of different Peruvian dances. It was the coolest thing ever. Even cooler it was all the youth! They all seemed to be pro dancers. 

Well I got to go Preach the Gospel. We have an appointment with Freddy and his family, and I have to go get dressed since we were playing soccer today. We are going to teach Freddies Family the Plan of Salvation and hopefully commit them to baptism. 


Elder Peabody

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