Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week #9 in Peru

Dear Family and Friends,

So much to say... but not a lot of time. That is basically the story of my life on a mission. We are always busy and always have something that we need to be doing. Well I guess first off thanks for the emails. I really enjoy them. I guess I should just tell you guys now, but I am  getting fat in Peru.... Left the United States weighing I think 145lbs and well I now weight 163.14. It is because every meal we have like 3 courses... Breakfast we always get a hot drink usually this chocolate oatmeal drink or an apple cider type oatmeal drink. Then we always get a smoothy, a different fruit every day. Then we either get cereal and yogurt or bread with ham and cheese. Then for lunch we always get a soup and then the main course of rice, veggies and meat. Luckily at dinner she lets us pick how much we want, but even after eating all that food I seem to be hungry probably becasue all of the walking I do. 

This week was good. Remember Anthony. Well he isn´t sure if he want´s to continue going to church. I guess he said his little boys teacher found out that they are going to the Mormon church and started to be mean to there son. Since most people are catholic, if you aren´t catholic you can be bullied. And yes it isn´t illegal for the teacher to be mean to Anthony´s son at school. It isn´t right but we are in a different country. ANyways me and my companion decided to share a message about Joseph Smith and his trials. And we shared some scriptures on Trials. The Mom started to Cry. I didn´t know what to do, but my companion just continued on... We are working on getting them married so Anthony can be baptised.

Oh I have known for like 3 weeks and I keep forgetting to tell you, but Elder Nelson from the Quorum of the 12 is coming to Chiclayo on the 20th. We get to listen to him talk in the Mission home, and shake his hand!!!! I am super excited and have been trying to spiritually prepare to hear what he has to say to the Missionaries in Chiclayo. My cooks daughter works at the hotel the General authorities stay at, and she says Chiclayo has never had a member of the Quorum of the Twelve before so this is awesome. I had perfect timing.

And Daniel, congrats on your new Job. Thanks for emailing me. I am trying to send post cards from Chiclayo, so if you send me your address I can send you one! And I have been hearing about you from friends. Keep up the good work. There is something my Mission President said that I really liked. Have Faith in Christ, and Belive in His timing. Things will work out. Just give yourself some time and work really really hard. Thats what he told us when someone said they weren´t getting any baptisms... If you have anytime Daniel you should open up a scripture. They are so comforting. They have been super comforting to me. Read Pslams chapter 3 verses 5 and 6. I shared that with the investigator who was having a hard time. There are so many other scriptures that are just so awesome. And Prayer is really awesome to. As a missionary I find my self praying all the time. I have marks on my knees from praying on the hard dirty ground of my room... No matter how much I sweep it dirt just finds its way into every inch of my apartment. But anyways the scriptures and pray have been my best friend.
Hey Mom. If anyone trys adding me on facebook that you don´t know, go ahead and add them... 

Sorry no pitures again this week. I have no time to attach them. It took me like 20 minutes to load the computer


Elder Peabody

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