Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week #10 in Peru

Dear Family and Friends,

First off things are great, and I am enjoying the emails! I will check for letters on Thursday Gen, and let you know if I got your letter. 

So I am not sure where to start but this week I saw the biggest Avacodo I´ve every seen. I commented on how big it was and so Hermana Ingrid, a member in our ward, gave it to me haha. We had dinner at a members and the mom Hermana Rojas loved the color of my hair so much she wants me to give her some of my hair... haha. At another members we ate at, the daughter couldn´t stop laughing at me because my spanish isn´t that amazing. I didn´t mind since that is what I do is laugh at myself when I mess up spanish. On Thursday we went to the Young mens mutual at the Mission leaders house and taught about Missionary work. It was cool, and we got food after. It wasn´t food I really wanted at first. Yah it was Cow Heart... It was actually really good, and I ended up enjoying. I guess it is really expensive here in Peru and a lot of people really like it. While we were cooking it, neighbors kept coming out and asking if they were going to sell any. 

We have a new investigator! Stephanie, who is Daiseys Niece. Daisey is also an investigator, but I think Stephanie is more interested. Anyways we taught her the Restoration, and she listened really well and had a lot of questions. We had another lesson with Daisey and Stephanie, and we gave them a Book of Mormon and talked about praying and reading to know if it was true. They asked how will they know if it is true, and we taught them the Fruits of the spirit were peace, joy , calmness and other good feelings. And after Daisey said she felt ´´tranquilo´´  which I think means calm when she read the Book of Mormon with us. I felt the spirit really stong and I know the could feel it too.   Unfortunately they couldn´t go to church. But we did have three investigators come to church. Anthony who has been coming. And then for the first time Eric, who is a recent convert and is 14 yrs old, mom and Grandma came!!!! I was super happy. 

So another Elder in my apartment got really sick. We brought him to our Penchinista or Cook because it is cooler and she doesn´t mind taking care of Missionaries. After he still had to go to the Clinic, and since his companion didn´t know where it was, my companion had to take him. This left me with the Sick Elders companion. I had to lead. Lets just say we may have knocked on the wrong door. Anyways Elder Ramos found out he has an inflammed intestine. He will be fine, he just can´t eat certain food. 

This week we also had a Meeting for the Gringos or North Americans only. It was just about a new book about adjusting to missionary life since we have less time in the CCM or MTC. It was cool, ut even cooler was I got to see all my old district from the CCM or MTC. 

So people here dump water from there upstair windows to keep the dirt in front of there homes from flying away. And one night after dinner a women almost dumped the water on my companion and I. I could feel the water splashes! 

Well I know the Church is true. And even though Missionary work isn´t easy, it is great, and it is the Lords work. Sometimes I ask why isn´t this easy, or why hasn´t my area had a baptism in 4 months, and I think of Elder Hollands booming voice saying ´´Missionary work is not easy because Salvation is not a cheap experience. Why would we think it would be easy for us when it was never easy for Him´´ And then I am reminded of our Savior. It wasn´t easy for him. His path was the most difficult. As Missionaries, as Members of His church, we must all be willing to walk a small part of the path that He walked. Anyways that is my lesson for the week. If things are hard, remember the Savior and how much harder it was for Him. 


Elder Peabody

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