Me 2013

Me 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

Week #11 in Peru

Dear Family and Friends,
I had an amazing week. First off, our reunion con Elder Nelson was amazing. We got to hear from him and His wife. They had so many great things to say. They talked about Missionary work obviously. But they also talked about Family History. They talked about how the people we are teaching have family on the other side of the veil, who are really want us to teach there family, so there names can be found and entered into the temple so they can recieve their ordenations like baptism. It is wierd to think when we baptise a person or a family, it is possible we are also helping that person or familys ancestors recieve there ordeneses in the spirit world. Elder Nelson told us to think about who is praying and hoping for us all the time. First of all our family and friends, not to mention the other 15 million members. Missionaries are prayed for in the Temples everyday. He told us the Prophet and Apsostles pray for us everyday. He told us the Ancestors of the families we are teaching are right there with us hoping we can teach there family the Restored Gosple. Elder Nelson told us there was one more person who was hoping and praying for us. You probably guessed it. Our Heavenly Father!!!!!!! These people in Peru are also Children of our Heavenly father. In fact every human being is a child of God. And God loves them so much, every single one, the nice ones, the mean ones, the tall ones, the short ones, the ones in the Estados Unidos, the ones in Peru, He loves all of them. And it says in the Scriptures, that His work and His glory is to bring to pas the immortality and eternal life of man. Becasue Jesus Christ we are all promised Immortality. How amazing is that. We don´t even have to lift a figure, and we are promised that we will live forever!!!!!!!!! Tambien por medio Jesucristo Eternal life is made possible. God wants all of his children to have Eternal life, to live with him forever. And if God wants this for all of his children, well that that shows how important missionary work is! God is right there with all the Missionaries. He wants us to bring his children back to Him. And I know God is helping the missionaries because he wants all of his children to return to Him. Anyways that was one thing I learned from Elder Nelson and his wife. It was an awesome experience. I even got to shake his hand, and tell him my name and where I was from. He said hello, my name, and pleasure to meet you. I definatley know he is an Apostle of the Lord. I know Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet, and all of the Quorum of the Tweleve are Apostles.
Anthonio our Investigator is doing good. He didn´t go to church this week, but every now and then people miss church. I found out this week Antonio and Graciala are making plans with the Bishop to finally get married. Which means after they are married we can baptise Antonio! I also found out Graciala served a mission and then went inactive. I knew she went inactive but I didn´t know she served a mission!!!!!!! No wonder she knows everthing!
We did a giant zone change. So everyone got new companions for the day. I got to go with Elder sevela from southern Peru. His area is like 5 minute drive from mine. It is the area with the Giant Jesucristo statue, like the one in Rio de Janero, but smaller. I got to hike up to it but I didn´t have my camera. We actually weren´t allowed to have our cameras in that area, becasue it is super poor and well you don´t bring nice things to a poor area. It was really cool to see though. And I had a cool experience.
We were walking in the dirt road, trying to hurry somewhere... and a women calls for me. I look at her, and she says you are really tall! And I say yes I am. and then she asked if I could help her because I was tall. She needed a lightbulb changed. She went to get a chair for me, but I didn´t even need it. In fact I didn´t even need a new lightbulb, the lightbulb had just became unscrewed a little and needed to be tightened and it worked. The women acted like it was a miracle, but it wasnt. After I told her who we were, and what we were doing. She agreed to listen to our message. Two of her three sons also joined it. After she even agreed to let us come back. Unfornately I was only in that area for a day, so I won´t be returning, but other missionaries will. And I am so happy that we could bring her family the gospel.
We had 8 other new investigators. Two are contacts we knocked on there door, and 4 of them a member took us door to door to meet her friends. 4 of her friends agreed to take the lessons. We need more members willing to share the gospel!!!! I am so grateful for that Sister. The other two we met when we saw a bunch of youth members hanging out at a park with there friends. I was pretty nervous to go and talk to them, but we did, and two of them agreed to have us come over. And not only did we go over, but the lesson went really well. They accepted the Book of Mormon and said if what we said was true, they would get baptised.
Well I just want to say thanks so much. I feel all of your prays. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. Sorry no Pictures this week. The computer is being wierd. I just want to say I am so grateful for my family. I love them so much. I am also grateful for all of my friends. You guys have helped me so much. I am also so grateful for Missionary work. I have so many friends on missions or planning to serve missions, and I know it is the right thing. This is what the Lord wants us to do. He wants us all, Missionaries and Members to be engaged in the Work of Salvation. I know with the efforts of Members and Missionaries more of Gods children can be brought to the truth of his Gospel. I am so grateful for my Father in Heaven, and His Son my Savior and Redentor Jesus Christ.

Elder Peabody

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