Me 2013

Me 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Week 5 in CCM

Dear Family and Friends,
Sorry about that, I was having trouble with the Pictures, but anyways this is my last few days in the CCM. I do not know when the next time I get to email will be since I will be headed to Chiclayo on Tuesday, and then I may be going somewhere else.So if you are mailing me anything just send it to my Mission home address in Chiclayo until further notice! I am so excited to be leaving, but I am going to miss my District and the people I have met here.. Things are pretty exciting here in Peru. They are gettting ready to build a new building here in the CCM to start teaching Missionaries from Brazil Spanish. It is exciting to see how fast Missionary work is growing. We got to take Pictures this week with the CCM President. I sent that one in the last email! Anyways my Spanish is getting better. There is not much different then the past few weeks. We study and teach a lot. I love my roomates. They are both from Peru, Elder Siccha and Elder Alvarado. They are super funny, and really help me with my spanish. Sorry I do not have much more to say. I guess I am just getting used to here in Lima. I am super excited for Saturday because we get to go Prosalyting. I hope you enjoy the Pictures. I will just explain them.
The pictures with the wierd fruit is called a Grana Dia. They are wiered and foreign and just way different then any fruit. It kinda looks like an orange on the outside. And yes I opened it with my head. Once you open it you just slurp out the insides!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is actually really good.
The first two pictures are me and one of my new roomates. He is from texas and going to Trujillo. His name is Elder McClelland.
There is some pictures of me and my companion at our last temple trip, and some other friends.
I will send more Pictures later.
Elder Peabody

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