Me 2013

Me 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week #2 in CCM Earthquake

Hey Family and Friends!
Things are great here in Peru! The weather has been nice, and I am finally getting into a schedule. We do just about the same thing everyday. We have lots of language classes, and Study time. My spanish is getting better, but still has a long way! The only thing that happened different this week, was we got to go Prosylting!!!! They took us on buses from La Molina which is where the CCM is (Its the nice part of Lima, and is part of the Lima East Mission) and they took us to Lima North Mission to a really poor area. The Streets were dirt, and there were stray dogs everywhere!!!!!! We had to hike up the sides of the mountain to get to some homes. We went on splits, and I got to got with three latinos who did not know a word of English! It was an interesting experience! We focused on less actives. i was able to bear my Testimony to one family about Families in Spanish. it was truely amazing and I know the Lord helped me, because my spanish still is not that good. After that appointment, the Father asked me to say the closing pray! Once again I was super nervous, but the Elders I went with said I did a great job. That was such an amazing day, and It was so humbling. Other then that everything is pretty good. I am feeling a lot better this week! Classes are good.  It seems to be a lot of the same stuff all the time. I got a new companion, because his companion went home. His name is Elder Eppereson. He is from Louisana. He was in our district so I all ready know him. And I am still District leader. I do not know if I am district leader for all 6 weeks or if they switch ever. I guess I will find out. There was an earthquake the other day. It was not big, but it lasted a long time. It was some peoples first earthquake. Okay well sorry this is a short email! Love everyone! Keep writing!
Elder Peabody

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