Me 2013

Me 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ryley Made it to Peru!!!!

Whoo-Hoo!!! Today is September 12th and Ryley has made it to Peru. After a long flight he landed today : ) He said that he flew on the first leg of his flight with Jessica Hilton from the Butterfield Stage ward and on the second leg he made two "friends" who were travelling to Peru on business. He said that he arrived with 15 other missionaries and he is excited to make new friends!!! He said that Peru is beautiful and he can't wait to start his missionary work. I will post another update when I get one from him. ~ Ryley's Mom

Hola mi familia,
Okay so I have not started to learn any spanish yet, but that is all everyone speaks. So I made it to Peru! It was a long trip. I flew to Salt Lake with Jessica Hilton from the Butterfield Stage ward! After that I was alone until Atlanta Georga. I got plenty to eat. Rachael you were right! Atlanta Georga airport was HUGE! It took me 30 minutes to get to my next gate. But I was happy to make it just as all of the other Elders and Hermanas (Sisters) were boarding. There were probably 15 of us. We flew in a big plane. Most of the other Missionaries sat with at least one other Missionary, but I sat between a man from Spain, and another from Nevada. The guy form Nevada was going to Lima to visit his son, who was doing peace corp for a couple years. The guy from Spain was going to Peru for work. He knew about as much English as I knew Spanish. So we had an interesting time. We showed each other our families, and talked about what we were doing in Peru. He spent a year in Australia, and learned some English there. He laughed when he found out I was going to Lima Peru, and did not even know Spanish. It was a long flight so we did a lot of talking. We helped each other out a lot in understanding each other. But yah we got a lot of talking done, because it was such a long flight. There was some bad weather when we got near the bottom of Florida, but other then that it was a smooth ride.
Peru is amazing. It was scary going through customs. I told the guy I wanted to stay for 90 days but he told me 30 so I do not cause trouble. I do not know if that is going to be a problem because all of the other missionaries got 90 days. Anyways we finally left the airport around midnight. and got to the MTC around 1am. We helped the Hermanas with there lugage and then got sent to our rooms. My companions are both from California, Mission Viejo. They are cool, but new just like me. There were two other guys all ready sleeping in the room, and left a note on the door for us to be quiet. We tried our best. I still have not unpacked. The ride to Peru was amazing. It is crazy to see how so many people live. I love Peru all ready. Oh and mom sorry about that extra baggage fee, but the Church should be refunding me. I guess I should of paid for it. Any ways, we got to sleep in until 9am. Then breakfast was at 930am. We had cearal, kinda like cherios, but instead of milk, we used strawberry yougurt. I also got this orange drink, but it ended up tasting like salty mango stuff. It reminded me of throwup, so I will not be getting that tommorrow. I just got my name tag! Maybe I can send a picture next week! I exchanged some of my money for Peruvian money. Nuevo Sols. I have not had a chance to look at the money yet. It is crazy I can not belive I am a Missionary. Peru is bueatiful, and I can tell I am going to love it. I wish I had more to say. But I have not been here long. I guess they just wanted us to write to let you know I made it safe.
Elder Peabody

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  1. Hi there,
    My name is Keri Beck and my son and your son are companions in the CCM. I just got his letter today and he mentioned Elder Peabody. Must be you! So exciting. I actually saw your son's mission call opening before they went off to the Peru MTC searching it on the internet. I even showed it to my son before leaving. How fun they are together. I feel connected somehow. Thanks for your sons service. Are you on the Missionary Moms email group?